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General liability insurance is very important for a Smoke & Vape business owner.
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Why do I need general liability insurance?

Hand holding cannabis leaf If a customer or delivery person is injured by an accident at your retail store, such as slipping in a spill, you could be held responsible for the resulting medical bills. If the person files a lawsuit, costs can add up quickly. General liability insurance can help pay for medical bills, attorney fees, settlements and court ordered judgements. Note, however, that this policy does not cover employee injuries. For that, you’ll need workers’ compensation insurance. Accidents involving customer property can also occur at your store. General liability insurance shields you when customer property is damaged.

Your potential exposures

It’s clear that general liability exposure is substantial for nearly every type of company. If you can think of a situation where your business or employees would be directly or indirectly responsible for the safety of others or the property of others, you’re exposed! In short, general liability insurance protects your smoke or vape company from some basic risks that are part of running a business.

General liability insurance for retailers usually includes product liability insurance, which protects against customer injuries or other damage caused by a product you sold. For example, if a vape pen explodes and injures a customer, your general liability insurance can cover the customer’s medical bills – or legal fees if the customer sues. You may see this policy included as part of your products-completed operations coverage, which covers lawsuits over defective products and poor workmanship.

If you advertise, your retail business could be susceptible to advertising injury lawsuits. General liability insurance protects your shop when a competitor claims you copied a logo or caused reputational harm.

It can help cover lawsuits related to:

  • Defamation, both libel (written) and slander (spoken)
  • Copyright infringement
  • If you launch an advertising campaign in a magazine, social media, or other medium, it’s important to protect your business with this policy.
How does it work?

Dispensary with an open sign in the window with a cannabis leaf

General liability protects you from a wide range of risks by paying legal defense expenses and the cost of restitution as determined by judgment, settlement or arbitration. These costs can include court-awarded damages, settlements, and medical costs.

At Allsmoke, we can tailor the policy to include or exclude exposures depending on your specific company’s unique risks and budgetary requirements. For example, the policy can include coverage for personal injury resulting from a blog post (important for most companies that produce content or are active in social media) and exclude coverage for property damage from the use of fireworks (probably not quite as important).

As a business owner, you know there are several different types of insurance you need in order to run your business safely and effectively. We have you covered.
To complete your coverage, here are a few additional coverages you may be interested in:

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